Škograd at the INSEA’s art education seminar  

Author: Jelena Joksimović

Photo: Maja Maksimović

Škograd (Schoolcity) visited Thessaloniki and INSEA’s (International Society for Education through Art) seminar about аrt education. It was more then arty and more then educational experience for us. Between 16-18th of July we collaborated with people from all over the world who are trying to change the ways our education works. Just like we are trying to break the existing boundaries education puts upon children as well as upon their families and then openly explore how this world works and what is our place in it.

It is special and unusual that we felt like we can talk about Ledine (small neighbourhood in Belgrade) and everybody is already familiar with the similar contexts. It surprised us but it created space for our portals. Portals were in fact our windows or doors from educational to public spaces and vice versa. Three of them were created during Škograd’s workshop and put in the campus of Aristotelous University. It helped us see how complex these connections are, how entangled public and educational spaces are and who are the actors in this journey. More about the workshop can be found in the book of abstracts on the page 32: download here.  And the full text is about to come out during the autumn.

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