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Project Description

Schoolaboratory of the future

We try to design the school as a central place of the local community because we believe that education is best when it is immersed in the life and environment in which it is taking place. The schoolaboratory of the future was a series of three workshops-performances in which the guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the “Vlada Obradović Kameni” Primary School in Ledine as well as with the lives of her pupils who, in a two-hour performance, created and together with the guests revived their dreams. Seen as a continuation of the ŠK tradition, this event marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Drama Studio “Škozorište”, which resulted in numerous programs and projects of drama workshops and theaters of participation with, for and from children and youth, as well as Bitef Polifony.

The Schoolaboratory of the future had three hours of 30 minutes. At that time, the dreams of the students of the School were mixed with the guests’ dreams. Guided by the idea of school as a home, we had a time with Škodom, Šknjigoteka presented the idea of the school as a space for the development of the ecology of the soul, while the school, as a blend of natural and social sciences, plunged into reality at the class of the Škosmos. Between the classes, we arrived to join the show “Dear children” on Radio Belgrade 1 and transfer the part of the atmosphere.

For guests outside Ledine we organized a special transport: at the starting station of the bus line 71 at Zeleni venac, like the Harry Potter’s secret track, on November 5 at exactly 11:00, a bus with a ŠK mark was waiting for the guests, whose compass was pointed towards the future. In order to enter the bus, instead of the ticket, it was enough a little bit of will and questioning for our environment, as well as the willingness to get in touch with the participants and the hosts. We tried to make the journey to the future especially pleasant. At the end of the journey, we asked the guests to continue walking on foot with us. There, at the end of the road and beginning of the world, the future was waiting for us.