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Project Description

How We Build Škograd

How We Build Škograd is a series of transdisciplinary discussions and workshops whose aim is to serve as an incubator for rethinking everyday urban life and education in our city’s periphery, focused on the neighborhood of Ledine. We invite people from fields that work in these fields and those interested in learning more about the role, importance, and agency of the urban periphery, as well as about processes of oppression and resilience within it. We are particularly interested in learning about the ways in which school and community can develop a deeper bond, and how we can create space that will empower children to be agents of that change. In the process, we are embracing a multidimensional approach and trying to read and understand the topics with verbal, visual and corporal interactions. The event series will result in a joint publication that unifies these efforts and communicates our process. How We Build Škograd is part of Škograd’s long-term action research in Ledine started in 2016.

Topic #1 Classroom as a political space

Topic #2 Art and education as forms of transformation

Topic #3 Play and space

Topic #4 Children’s participation in designing spaces