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2019-01-16T19:18:33+00:0027. 10. 2017.|

We talked about our achievements with a group of students within Oktobarh. It was our pleasure to be a guest and talk to curious students - this curiosity brought us right here. We hope that soon we will listen about new practices from Novi Sad.

Ledine on a trip around a world

2019-01-16T19:11:40+00:0022. 10. 2017.|

Once you decide to go on the trip, on foot around the world, it may even take you to us. That was the case with Ebo and Albin, who were on their way to search for peace in the world from far away Sweden. After five months of walking, imagine they came to us.

Škograd in Brussels

2019-01-16T19:06:06+00:0020. 10. 2017.|

We are glad that Ledine and Škograd are becoming part of the conversation in the city, outside the city, and even very far away. We were particularly pleased with the call from colleagues from the 4Cities program to talk about Ledine and Škograd in Brussels.

Live library

2019-01-16T19:00:16+00:0011. 9. 2017.|

After the summer break, we were excited to return to the activities on Ledine. The day before this year's return to the benches, the introduction to the autumn actions and the occasion for the reunion in the neighborhood was the Live Library project.

Škograd on Crowdfunding Academy

2019-01-16T18:55:02+00:0019. 7. 2017.|

Škograd grows and develops, in Ledine, but also within the team. In discovering ways to finance our project, we came to the world of group financing: we attended the Crowdfunding Academy, organized for the first time in Serbia by great people from the marketing agency Brodoto with the German Agency for Cooperation (GIZ).

Schoolaboratory 001: Day 7

2019-01-16T18:36:39+00:0029. 6. 2017.|

In these 7 days, these kids have become ours. As we observe how they change from day to day, it's increasingly difficult to say that the end is near, but we all somehow feel that this is actually a great start! And it started...

Schoolaboratory 001: Day 5

2019-01-16T17:30:35+00:0027. 6. 2017.|

At Ledine heat already at 9 in the morning, but in the school yard pleasant shade and even more pleasant atmosphere. There are new members both among children and among the leaders. Everyone who does not have a symbol will get a red badge.

Schoolaboratory 001: Day 4

2019-01-16T17:24:43+00:0026. 6. 2017.|

On a white canvas with a red circle in the center that symbolized the area of the school, the children were drawing the paths that they pass from house to school every day. In this way, we have got a large collective picture of the interwoven network of roads leading to the school, place where everyone meets.

Schoolaboratory 001: Day 3

2019-01-16T17:17:59+00:0024. 6. 2017.|

Another sunny morning on Ledine and once more children are waiting for us ready in the schoolyard, in the company of new friends and companions. They tell us the news with the compulsory question: "What are we going to do today ?!"

Schoolaboratory 001: Day 1

2019-01-16T17:02:21+00:0022. 6. 2017.|

Morning on June 20, from various parts of Belgrade, we gather on the Ledine, we carry with us materials that we have been preparing for days and we go to the yard of primary school "Vlada Obradovic Kameni".

Mikser talks

2019-01-16T16:39:54+00:004. 6. 2017.|

We were invited to attend Mikser Festival on Saturday, May 27th, as part of the Mikser Talks: Cities for All.

Action “Chalk”

2019-01-16T16:11:23+00:0012. 5. 2017.|

We tried to track the tracks of children's play on Ledine. This was the first step in creating mental maps of children's habits in using public spaces on the road from home to school.