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The corner of senses and logic

2019-01-17T14:43:49+00:0010. 10. 2018.|

On the third day of the Schoolaboratory 002, while in one corner the kids are creating a rhythm for the new song of the Schoolaboratory, in the other corner one part of us together with the mothers of the youngest kids living in Ledine are creating the idea of a new didactic wall - "The corner of senses and logic".

Schoolaboratory 002

2019-01-17T14:26:41+00:001. 10. 2018.|

How schoolaboratory 002 went on, day after day, feeling after feeling, learning after learning, friendship after friendship, creating after creating ...

Welcome Night Line

2019-01-17T12:27:20+00:0020. 8. 2018.|

Our friend Kiki followed Peđa at a night guerrilla welcome action before the start of the Schoolaboratory 002. He also made a photo essay on that night. Because the Schoolaboratory works in the third shift as well.

Škograd at the INSEA’s art education seminar

2019-01-17T12:21:25+00:0010. 8. 2018.|

Škograd (Schoolcity) visited Thessaloniki and INSEA’s (International Society for Education through Art) seminar about аrt education. It was more than arty and more than educational experience for us. Between 16-18th of July, we collaborated with people from all over the world who are trying to change the ways our education works. Just like we are trying to break the existing boundaries education puts upon children as well as upon their families and then openly explore how this world works and what is our place in it.

How We Build Škograd: Classroom as a political space

2019-01-17T12:10:46+00:0024. 7. 2018.|

Hidden behind the title "How We Build Škograd?", constructive and with the question, we open the stage and invite all those who could help us to make our activities even more successful and our reality more equitable. In a series of open conversations with carefully selected guests, in the comfortable atmosphere of the Goethe Institute library, we will try to highlight some of the key topics of our work on Ledine.

We are playing…festival

2019-01-17T11:59:28+00:0019. 6. 2018.|

Call for participation at one festival, called Design District, we got from Zagreb. We spend the weekend among people, mostly from the sphere of design, looking for those in which we recognize the similarity in thematic frameworks, the way of thinking or methodology of work.

Škograd on Fluid – design forum

2019-01-17T11:24:11+00:0028. 4. 2018.|

With the support of Goethe-Institut Belgrad (Goethe-Institut Belgrad), we spent a few days on the Fluid Design Forum where we shared experiences with the students and designers about the role of design in our engagement in Ledine, the design opportunities in bringing school and neighborhood closer and reaching that it has in our everyday life.

Infrastructure of shared listening

2019-01-17T11:17:56+00:009. 4. 2018.|

With our associates from school, BINA, Goethe Institute, Faculty of Philosophy and various other stakeholders, we spent a week thinking about the infrastructure of listening. Namely, we started to create a methodology for the participatory design of our outdoor classroom that we are building within the Urban Hub # 2 project.


2019-01-17T11:00:15+00:008. 11. 2017.|

All wistful, excited ... The bus is moving ... We travel in an imaginary future. There are also confused. And we all expect something. You can hear a rumor and a bus engine. Magic!